Idea Refinement/ Brainstorming

Innovators wander wild and often come up with great ideas, way outside their core technical competencies. That is where they need a helping hand so their ideas do not end up just as a piece of paper but turn in to something more tangible.

At times, innovators just need someone of high aptitute to discuss and brainstorm their ideas with – that too without compromising confidentiality. Friends and family could be a great start but its not a structure that can support them through the journey.

That is why they need access to a partner, a support structure that can professionally work with them, brainstorm with them to define how their ideas be made feasible and practical technically and commercially.

Our people are not only technically deft but have spend enough time in industry/businesses to become a significant support structure in earlier stages of an entrepreneur’s life.

Above all, they are sensitive to early stage entrepreneur’s need and are not run-of-the-mill consultants and can appreciate out of the world ideas and can advise in an open structure with open mindset.

Our Expertise:

Technical Innovations:
Life Sciences
Engineering Disciplines
Non-Technical Business Ideas
Social Innovation

Engagement Models:
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