Sales & Distribution – B2C, B2B, B2G

Ultimately success is measured in terms of revenue and that too revenue combined with healthy bottom line. This is the mantra that keeps everyone motivated in a given organization and is basis of continuity.

You will find a lot of people who can give you Gyan and consulting, but at CFF we believe in working with you a partner to help you achieve what is most important to you — REVENUE.

While it is very easy these days to launch any product online via market places and reach potential customers across the geographies, it is very difficult to achieve the same with physical brick and mortal model.

However, Brick and Mortal model still remains the prevalent buying channel for your customers and if you really want to scale and become successful in a market like India, you must breakthrough sales and distribution hurdles and set it up comprehensively.

The process is not easy because of its unorganized nature and various different kinds of people involved. Further, it is not an easy task to convince people (distributors/ retailers) to invest in your business and it can only be achieved if they are contacted in a language and through a channel that they understand.

CFF over the years, have developed significant expertise with sales and distribution models across industries and is well connected to all major distributors/ retailers across the industries.

B2B Sales

Finding the right people, putting across your offerings (service, technology, product, etc), deciding the right pricing and closing the deal – are such important steps in any of the B2B sales, yet only handful of entrepreneurs are able to do them with the precision needed.

All entrepreneurs understand their product and its advanatges deeply and are 100% sure that this is the best solution for a problem being faced by their target organization. However, most of them lack skills to reach the relevant audience and put across the same value to this audience.

This is where experience and connections of CFF come-in handy to help you put in the right spot and close the deal.

B2G Sales

Often entrepreneurs have technology/ solution that can benefit Government either in its internal working and/or serving citizens, but they find it difficult to navigate through the maze of government systems, tendering process and other requirements.

We at CFF have worked with a number of ministries in the past in both state and central machineries and have good understanding of how they work and people involved.

If your offering is beneficial, we can certainly put you in the right spot in Government machinery and guide you on the ensuing path.

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